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LPG Gsa Cylinder Manufacturing Line Body Manufacturing Equipments Gas Furnace

LPG Gsa Cylinder Manufacturing Line Body Manufacturing Equipments Gas Furnace

LPG gsa cylinder production line human body producing equipments gasoline furnace

CZPT specification


I. Frequency heating theory:

Frequency heating is making use of frequency electricity to alter 380V, 50Hz electricity existing into the suitable frequency present by rectification and contravariant. Input this current into resonant tank composed by the heating furnace, to make the furnace coil generate alternating magnetic area, although the pre-heating metallic substance stay in the alternating magnetic discipline, the content will generate the alternating existing and heating by itself, higher sizzling efficiency and lower strength intake.


Frequency induction heating electricity factor≥96%, has automated impedance adjustment purpose, the functionality of strength preserving is certainly.

Electrical power output is steady, heating temperature is easy to control, good consistency to increase the heating good quality.

Very good diathermancy, magnetic subject has a good permeability to the metal workpiece, it is not heating conduction, so the temperature difference of workpiece actions is little and boost the products’ high quality.

Temperature measuring method shut-loop handle heating electrical power, the precision of temperature is high.

Computerized impedance adjustment and computerized frequency adjustment purpose, inspecting program impedance transformation triggered by the cylinder from cool to scorching in the course of the entire heating approach routinely. Adjusting the output parameter routinely and making the whole heating process continue to be in energy-productive condition, conserving much more power. 

II. Heating method need:

9KG, 14KG LPG cylinder generation line:

Workpiece dimension: 9KG, 14KG LPG cylinder

Heating temperature: 780 – 900°C (The heating temperature sets according to the technological innovation desire, adjustable)

Mixed creation line heating pace: fourteen next/for each cylinder

Productiveness: 2000 pcs / 8 hrs

III. Consumer needed equipment energy calculation:

9KG, 14KG LPG cylinder generation line:

Size: BPS-550 frequency energy. GT-9, fourteen/550 identify: 9KG, 14KG LPG cylinder frequency warmth remedy furnace.

Electrical power: 550KW

IV. Composition of cylinder heating therapy gear:

one. BPS sequence frequency electricity: 1 established

Dimension: BPS-550

Rated energy: 550KW

Shunt capacitor: one particular set (underneath the furnace)

Energy factor: Complete energy condition get there more than 96%.

A. Advanced control technique:

The frequency electrical power uses intelligent control method, it is a new SCR generation manage technique developed by absorbing the advance frequency heating technologies equally Chinese and international and unique necessity for cylinder. The clever control method makes use of line unit design, all working models have luminotrons to exhibit doing work condition, the calculation of management system is processing in the specific CPU module. It is reliable, continual and simple to keep. 

B. Adjustable power output:

In the course of the power of equipment is 0 – rated energy can be modified continuously, escalating the energy adjustment output operate, the reduced electrical power of 9KG cylinder procedure can ensure the ideal working condition, to make certain the commutating voltage reach 500V, increase the heating performance and preserve the power consumption.

C. Total safety operate:

Not only equip with over-voltage defense, more than-existing safety, voltage restriction, present restriction functions, but also the smart security program has the reputable release circuit even though making use of the more than-voltage higher voltage, boost the frequency electrical power managing regular tremendously, and has the more than-temperature alarm operate of cooling water temperature.

D. Certainly power preserving:

Retain all original features in the clever manage technique, The special design of the regulating operate of impedance in the operating procedure of the tools according to the furnace workpiece (demand) impedance modifications in the course of heating (the inherent traits of the workpiece, the burden is in the process of heating) the doing work parameter adjustment of inverter power supply, the working effectiveness is the highest in the state, so the large effectiveness, vitality saving, time conserving. Frequency energy clever impedance adjustment purpose, clever protection perform is the domestic special technology 

E. CZPT commencing method:

Zero voltage sweep frequency commencing method CZPT effect, and the impedance adjustment function in the intelligent handle method, producing the essence of beginning capability of frequency energy has been tremendously enhanced. 

F: Computerized tests frequency output:

CZPT manage program, tests the modify of method inductance brought on by the cylinder temperature altering throughout the heating method instantly, modify the output parameter in true time, generating the entire heating process continue to be in substantial effectiveness point out and preserving power.

G: Easy troubleshooting:

Electronic clever control program has fault screen function, simple to locate the fault, you can uncover the fault of the intelligent technique CZPT inspecting the gear. Simple to maintain.

two. Heating normalizing furnace

It is created up of rectangular copper tube, which is optimized by laptop. Aluminum alloy and insulation assistance, sturdy, long lifestyle. It is made up of preheating section, heating section and insulation section 

A: Pre-heating furnace: 1 set size*width*peak: 450*seven-hundred*700mm

It is composed of a metal substance bracket, an effective refractory substance and a heat insulating materials, no vitality take in and hefty. Employing the heat strength spillover the furnace for pre-heating.

B.  Heating furnace: 3 sets (integrated style) length*width*top: 1350*seven-hundred*700mm

Energy: 550KW

Furnace voltage: 750V

Dimension (duration*width*top): 1350*700*700mm

It is created up of rectangular copper tube, which is optimized by computer. Aluminum alloy and insulation assist, strong, prolonged daily life. A few sets heating furnace use integrated style, it can warmth multiply cylinders at the exact same time. Assess with previous variety single cylinder heating furnace, the new style can nonetheless promise the heating time for every single cylinder to ensure the heat remedy quality following shorting the heating time.

C. Heat holding furnace: 2 sets

Dimension: 1400*seven hundred*seven-hundred

It has the benefits of substantial performance, excellent heat preservation impact and extended support life, which is composed of a metal materials bracket, an successful refractory substance and a heat insulating materials. The heat holding furnace including two components.

D: Cylinder feeding program:

Is composed of structural metal, stainless metal, pneumatic cylinder, etc. After completing the cylinder into the furnace heating and heating into the keeping furnace. The approach of cylinder feeding into heating furnace is pushing by the feed system equip with the heating tools. At the very same time the deed system on the other stop of the heating tools pushing the annealing cylinder into cylinder unloading conveyor.

E: Operation control technique:

Location heating process (established heating time and heating temperature), routinely manage heating temperature and propulsion technique. The electric powered handle method sends out the instruction to complete a series of actions, this sort of as pushing the cylinder into the furnace, heating, measuring temperature, and unloading cylinder, to guarantee the whole process operating as the location parameter. Procedure requirements set on the contact screen, pushing the cylinder into the furnace, heating, temperature, unloading cylinder of a series of steps by the PLC control. The heating procedure parameters of every cylinder are recorded in the contact screen, and the temperature recording data can be extracted through the U disk. It can print the heating method parameter of all cylinders or examine some printed cylinders. It can be operated by the procedure desk printer or print by U disk. In the course of functioning touch display screen screen setting heating temperature, cylinder temperature, show and file the greatest cylinder temperature. Screen and file the quantity of heating cylinders. For the occasional unreasonable data can be modified afterwards.

It can also be offered with a heating velocity, so that the pushing mechanism can press out the cylinder according to the set speed. 

three. Closed loop temperature control system:

It consists of Infrared temperature measurement sign sampling sensor, temperature handle system, and so on. CZPT, high precision, strong anti-interference capacity. 

Temperature measuring assortment: 50~1200°C

Precision: ±1%

Throughout working the heating temperature is established according to the prerequisite of heating approach. When the cylinder reaches the established temperature, the control technique sends out the content pushing sign, and the pushing mechanism pushes out the cylinder which reaches the placing temperature to enter the heat keeping furnace.

The infrared sensor is installed on the particular bracket, equips with protective protect.


A: When each and every cylinder is heated, it is in the checking of the heating temperature manage technique, the consistency is great, and the heating quality is ensured, and the strength loss caused by the failure of the heating and the defect of the solution top quality can be prevented. 

B: Closed loop temperature control program, can prevent burning, waste, minimize energy use.

C: Dual handle of heating temperature and energy, with above temperature automatic electricity regulation and above temperature shutdown security function. 

Manage cabinet        

Burner nozzle


Complete LPG gas cylinder production line

I. CZPT record:

No. Description Dimension&Specis Unit
I Principal Tools    
1 CZPT Push 500T set
two De-colier and punching equipment for small spherical sheet slicing from massive sheet (substance making ready for shell) XL-two set
3 Material slicing mould on hydraulic push   set
4 63ton hydraulic brand stamping equipment 63T established
5 Shell drawing machine 200/three hundred established
6 Shell forming mould LS-two set
seven Computerized trimming equipment QK-4 established
8 Finish dish necking machine SK-three set
nine Cleaning machine QL-five established
10 Gap punching equipment CK-3 set
eleven Valve Seat Welding Equipment HP-2 set
twelve Shroud welding equipment HZ-one established
13 Bottom foundation welding machine DZ-one set
14 Assembling Equipment ZH-one established
fifteen Option Seam welding device HJ-3 established
Choice NO.two:Circumferential seam welding equipment Single head Magazine established
sixteen Annealing furnace with burner TW-1 established
17 Hydrostatic Tests Machine SY-six established
18 Shot blasting machine QYP15 established
19 Spraying line JH-2 set
20 Valve mounting equipment JF-two established
21 Air Leakage Tests Machine Cm-two established
22 Printing equipment ZS-2 established
23 Roller conveyor line   m
24 Curve Convoyer   m
25 CZPT line electricity   established
26 Motorized screening pump   set
27 Cylinder drying device   established


II Tools For Add-ons Manufacturing Products    
28 Punching machine/electricity push 25T set
29 Punching device/power push 63T established
30 Punching equipment/power push 100T set
31 Bottom foundation hydraulic forming device   set
32 Shroud higher R hydraulic forming equipment   established
33 shearing equipment 4mm*1.5m set
34 Shearing device 4mm*two.5m set
35 Printing equipment GZ-two set
36 Coding device BM-one established
37 Shroud rolling device   set
38 Base foundation rolling machine   established
39 Shroud mould   established
forty Base base mould DM-two set
41 Bottonm base welding device   established


III Auxiliary Equipment    
forty two Air compressor (screw) 10/.8 set
forty three Air compressor (piston) two./three. established
forty four Air storage tank 1m3/3Mpa established
45 Air storage tank 2m3/1Mpa established


IV Tests Products    
46 X-ray detecting products 2505C set
47 Mechanical home screening products WES-600B established
48 Burst stress tests gear   set
49 Ultrasonic wall thickness screening products   established

II. Description for each equipment:

1. De-coil and punching machine for little spherical sheet reducing from massive sheet(materials making ready for shell)
CZPT knowledge:
Raw material specifications:
Plate Thickness:2-4mm    Width of plate:Max.1170mm 
ID of steel coil:450-800mm    OD of metal coil:Max.1800mm  Weight of steel coil:Max.25T
Coil blanking specification:Ø370-Ø615mm   Blanking interval:12s/time such as auxiliary time
CZPT equipment technological knowledge
Motor power:46KW      Norminal capacity:6300KN   Max.doing work stress:25Mpa
Slide journey pace:120mm/s  
Operating table measurement:2500mm(entrance+back)*1500mm(remaining*proper)
Weight of decolier:12T   Weight of hydraulic press machine:23T

two.63ton hydraulic symbol printing device
three. CZPT push drawing the head
Push the round sheet into a shell with dies.
4. Computerized trimming machine
This equipment is reputable, easy to run.
CZPT info
Motor energy:five.5KW   Air pressure:.6Mpa   Trimming time:20s   Weight of equipment:1.5T
5. End dish necking machine

CZPT data
Motor electrical power:four.5-11kw  Air force:.6Mpa  Thickness of plate:1-10mm  
Necking head diameter:150-1200mm Necking time:ten-50s (adjustable)
Bodyweight of device:1.5-3T

six.Cleansing device
CZPT information
Motor electrical power:1.5kw   Polishing motor electricity:one.5kw*2  Air strain:.6Mpa 
Sharpening wheel feed assortment:.2-20mm  Efficiency:180Pcs/hour  Weight of device:1.2T
seven.Gap punching machine
Punch the gap on head of the cylinder
CZPT data
Motor power:5.5kw  Punching velocity:180Pcs/hour  Weight of device:one.5T
eight.Valve Seat  Welding Device

To comprehensive the welding of valve seat ring joints. Guarantee uniform forming, great look, weld penetration and weld width meets the technological needs, the clamping is convenient. Employing submerged arc welding technological innovation, girth welding at 1 time
CZPT information
Rated voltage:220V Motor power:.25kw Air pressure:.6Mpa
9.Bottom foundation welding device
Comprehensive cylinder base girth computerized welding. To make certain concentricity, uniform forming, very good appearance, weld penetration and weld width meet up with the technological requirements, the clamping is handy. CO2 gas shield welding approach, complete in one time welding.
CZPT data
Present:AC380V+N    Motor power:.55kw   Air cylinder pressure:.5-.7Mpa
10.Security enclosure welding equipment
Full cylinder foundation girth automated welding. To guarantee concentricity, uniform forming, great visual appeal, weld penetration and weld width satisfy the technological demands, the clamping is handy. CO2 fuel protect welding process, comprehensive in one time welding.
CZPT data
Rated voltage:AC380V  Motor power:.55kw  Air cylinder stress:.5-.7Mpa 
eleven.Assembling Machine 
To assemble both halves of the cylinder with each other and get prepared for welding
CZPT info
Cylinder diameter:250mm     Air cylinder strain:.5-.7Mpa
twelve.Circumferential Seam welding equipment

Alternative NO.1:
CZPT knowledge
Voltage:AC380V+N  Motor power:.55KW  Rotation pace:Max.10rpm/min (adjustable)  
Motor power:.55kw
Alternative NO.two:
CZPT info
This machine is applicated to automated Magazine circumferential welding for LPG cylinder,fire extinguisher bottle,and so forth.
Welding Length:Max.1500mm   Ø:250-400mm   Thickness:2.5-6mm
This device price tag contain 1 set panasonic welding equipment(Model:GL3-500A),1 set cooling drinking water unit,welding seam tracker.
Generating ability:250 pcs/eight hrs

13. Gasoline vehicle-base warmth dealing with furnace machine
This furnace is designed to anneal LPG cylinders by implementing flame from gasoline burner on the cylinders. It composes, burner, flaming chamber, smoke collector, rails, chain roller, exhaling system.
It function consists of, adjustable time, self-management thermometer, ideal warmth therapy consequence and hearth off air pollution.
CZPT data
Producing efficiency:75pcs/hr  Feeding type:Chain travel/cylinder feeding
Cleansing dimensions:Ø320*700mm——Ø420*1250mm
Dimension:(L*W*H):12500*1390*1560mm   removable transportation
fourteen. Hydrostatic Tests Device
The equipment is specific for steel cylinder of liquefied fuel cylinders,relevant to producers and testing station for wuthstand voltage examination on cylinder.Irrigation,pressurization,stress,preserving centralized manage and automatic pouring concluded by using water pump,outfitted with a water tank,h2o can be recycled.
CZPT info:
Pneumatic pressure:.6Mpa                    Motor energy:3kw 
Hydrostatic test pressure:3.2Mpa             Weight:1.1T
fifteen. Cylinder drying device
The gear is employed for drying the bottle cylinder following drinking water force take a look at.
sixteen. Shot Blasting Equipment
Shot Blasting Device for LPG Cylinder are predominantly used to thoroughly clean LPG/CNC/Gasoline cylinder in a continuous via feed process, get rid of continues to be of casting sand and cores, rust, previous paint, noticeable indicators of welding, eliminate floor anxiety, increase the exhaustion energy of the workpiece, raises workpiece film adhesion of the paint job, and ultimately obtain the goal of strengthening the quality of floor and interior, get ready for area defense (coloring, enameling, galvanizing, and many others.).
CZPT data
Produing effectiveness:80-120pcs/hr        Shot blasting machine:two sets
CZPT motor power:two.2KW                    Total electrical power:31.2KW  
Weight:16T                                           Workpiece dimension:Ø320mm*680mm
Device dimension:(L*W):7885*2460mm

17. Spraying manufacturing line
The spraying making line for U track,utilizing electric powered or all-natural fuel,fuel oil,coal heating,very hot air circulation,the allocation of mounted automatic spray gun four,guide gun one.Spraying powder or paint on the steel cylinders apperance.The cylinder into the oven drying right after spraying
CZPT knowledge
Doing work voltage:380V 50HZ      Air stress:.four-.6Mpa 
Overall power:15KW             Working efficiency:180Pcs/jr
18. Valve mounting device
The products is suitable for the liquefied petroleum gas cylinder angle benefit set up and use,it absorbs the domestic and international progress technological innovation,utilizing electrical manage,pneumatic clamping,torque adjustable gadget,when reaching a certain torque,and go to the specificed path following the automatic shutdown.The device procedure and adaptable,convenient and safe
CZPT information
Motor electricity:two.2KW                           Motor velocity:1400r/min 
Work spindle velocity:15.5r/min            Working air pressure:.five-.6Mpa
Use per hour:one.14m3           Clamping cylinder stroke:120mm
Rotation velocity ration:1:59                  Weight:.9T

19. Leakage Air Check Machine
The device for cylinder do tightness check with,composed of a water tank,a lifting cylinder,a bottle feeding equipment,electrical handle element and other areas,operate a bottle feeding mechanism of automatic cylinder will send to be take a look at station,a lifting cylinder will slide into the h2o.the working staff rotation observations of the cylinder is not leaking cylinder,following the test and the cylinder out of water,a loop stop.This equipment is sensible in composition,simple operation and upkeep.
CZPT knowledge
Air strain:.6Mpa                    Testing air strain:two.2Mpa  
Keeping strain time:60s            Weight:1.8T

III. CZPT photograph:

Computerized circumferential welding equipment


Shot blasting machine

Powder coating line


IV. Successful tasks:

1 .TK Team in Bangladesh

two. HangCZPT Xihu (West Lake) Dis. Zhangshan Steel Cylinder Co.,Ltd.http://, it is third biggest LPG gasoline cylinder producer in China, day-to-day output is 12000pcs including all dimensions from 2kgs to 50kgs.

three. TPAis producing incredibly substantial quality LPG cylinders for North The us, CZPTpean,British isles and Australia. http://, we supplied automated welding line for their China plant in HangCZPT. Now we are creating new LPG fuel cylinder manufacturing facility in Vietnam, Hangphone, at the conclude of July, 2017, it will be set up and commissed.

4. Mintai is a newly established-up LPG fuel cylinder manufacturing manufacturing facility in China, the explanation we took you there is to see diverse gear, specially the on-line x-ray tests gadget for the dimension a lot more than 25kgs which is necessary a hundred% X-ray testing in China. The devices for take care of and bottom foundation are samiliar with the ones we will offer to you
five: ZheJiang Huanri Group co.,Ltd.,ho, they are largest and strongest cylinder producer in China, they bought our equipment equally for twelve.five and15kgs manufacturing and 50kgs producing. 

6.AYGAZ in Turkey,  .tr 

seven. Manchester Tank from Usa



LPG cylinder manufacturing equipment
Q: What size of LPG cylinder your machine can produce?
A: 6kg, 12kg,15kgs and 50kgs LPG cylinder for cooking and other size according customers’ requirement.
Q: Can you design machines according LPG cylinder technical drawing?
A: Sure, please send your technical drawing to us.
Q: What are the benefits to choose your machines?
A: Our machines are strong and reliable for long term industrial manufacturing
We need to know following information to quote you correct machineries:

1.CZPT Drawing of the cylinders you want to make?
2.What size of cylinder you want to produce?(6kg, 12kg)
three.What diameter and thickness of the cylinder you want to make?
4.Are you new in this area or you already have some machines in the workshop?
five.Capacity you require, i.e. how many pieces and sizes you want to make per day?


LPG Gsa Cylinder Manufacturing Line Body Manufacturing Equipments Gas Furnace

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