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Heat Treatment Furnace for LPG Gas Cylinder Re-Validation

 Automatic LPG Gas Cylinder Annealing  Furnace

 1. Appliaction:
   This furnace is designed to carry out heat treatment for LPG cylinders by applying flame from gas 
burner on the cylinders

two. Functioning Basic principle
The workpiece to be warmth treated is put on the chain belt braket, and driven to enter into the annealing furnace instantly by the chain. The higher temperature flame is sprayed directly on the floor of LPG cylinder through a controlled combustion unit in a specified time. Thus, the anxiety generated right after the cylinder is welded can be removed.

This solution can also be used for LPG  cylinder re-validation. The higher temperature incineration tends to make the paint on the area carbonize speedily, and the oil within the cylinder, and residual liquid is annealed thoroughly clean.

three. Composition:
Burner, flaming chamber, smoke collector, rail,chain roller, exhaling system.
four.  Feaures:
Cylinder feeding time adjustablle
Self-control thermometer,
Minimal energy comsuption
Perfect heat treatment result 
Straightforward procedure
considerably less pollution.

5. Primary CZPT Data:

Work piece dimension Φ310-Φ580mm
Work efficiency 60PCS per hour
Temperature of chamber ≈650ºC
Burner (ltaly)two PCS
The model of decelerate machine BWET131-595-one.1 timing cycloid
Dimension 15000×1200×1000mm
Total weight ≈7000KG


Heat Treatment Furnace for LPG Gas Cylinder Re-Validation