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Free Sample PTFE Mesh Cloth

PTFE open up mesh 

We select good glassfiber or Kevlar as fundamental weaving material, coated with excellent PTFE resin to make it into various PTFE open up mesh.

Characteristics of PTFE Mesh:

one. Substantial temperature resistance–It can continually work beneath-one hundred forty to 260ºC, max resist substantial temperature up to 360ºC
2. Permeability–It can avoid throwing away heat and increase drying efficiency for it really is permeability.
three. Chemical resistance–It can resist all most of chemical medicines.
4. Non Stick–It can effortlessly remove all sorts of adhesives this kind of as resin, paint and chemical drugs, straightforward to clean.
five. Excellent flex tiredness resistance–It has high tensile power and outstanding flex fatigue resistance. It’s greater for modest wheels.

Free Sample PTFE Mesh Cloth