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Merchandise Description

Transmission Chain Producer Normal Saw Short Pitch Stainless Metal Sector Industrial Leaf Timing Hollow Pin Generate Conveyor Sprocket Roller Chains 

Product Name Common transmission Roller Chains Product Collection A, Collection B
Row Simplex/Duplex/Triplex Software Equipment Components
Surface Remedy Self-colour/sand-blasted/shot-peening Certification ISO, ANSI, DIN, BS
Packing Packaged in packing containers and wooden cases, or packaged in reels and then on pallets. Port Any sea port or airport in China

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Silent chain, also recognized as inverted tooth chain. It is designed to get rid of the sick results of stretching and create a peaceful walk. As the chain is stretched and the pitch of the chain increases, the radius that the chainrings journey over the sprocket teeth will increase slightly.

China Standard Transmission Chain Manufacturer Standard Saw Short Pitch Stainless Steel Industry Industrial Leaf Timing Hollow Pin Drive Conveyor Sprocket Roller Chains     Free Design Custom