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China shop Middle Guide Inverted Tooth Silent Chain Hot selling

Solution Description

Flank contact silent chains: CL06, CL08, CL10, CL12, CL16, CL20, CL24
Croch speak to silent chans: C4-a hundred and twenty, C4-123, C4-129, C4-132, C4-138, C4-one hundred fifty, C4-320, C4-323, C4-329, C4-332, C4-338
       Specializes in Silent Chain, also identified as Inverted Tooth chain, we can provide options for our po10tial consumers all the world. Not only do we supply the widest variety of regular silent chains and sprockets, we also personalized design and create chains and sprockets to match our customer’s actual demands. Our range of chain types are fully best for power, put on performance, friction, NVH, w8, area and value, This guarantees that whatsoever the application, we are ready to give an excellent chain suitable to fulfill our worldwide customer’s specifications.

GB       GB Chain No. Pith Chain width  Pin diameter   Pin    duration Length from gap centre to tooth     plate depth Xihu (West Lake) Dis. type Variety of plaies UItimate  10sile strength   W8 per meter
P B min d2 max L max Lc  max h1 h2 max Q min q
mm mm mm  mm mm mm mm N kN&solIbf kg&solm
CL06 9.525 13.5 3.ninety five 18.5 twenty. 5.3 10. &lparOtside) 9 10. .6
16.five 21.five 23. &lparOtside) 11 twelve.five .73
19.5 24.five 26. &lparOtside) thirteen fifteen. .85
22.five 27.5 29. &lparOtside) fifteen seventeen.five one
28.5 33.five 35. &lparInside) 19 22.five 1.26
CL08 hundred 19.five 5.08 24.five 26. 7. 13.four &lparOtside) thirteen 23.4 one.15
22.five 27.five 29. &lparOtside) fifteen 27.four one.33
25.five thirty.five 32. &lparOtside) 17 31.3 one.five
28.five 33.five 35. &lparInside) 19 35.two one.68
34.5 39.five 41. &lparInside) 23 43. two.04
40.5 45.five 47. &lparInside) 27 fifty.eight 2.39
46.5 fifty one.5 fifty three. &lparInside) 31 58.6 2.seventy four
fifty two.five 57.five 59. &lparInside) 35 sixty six.four
CL10 15.875 30. 5.ninety two 37. 38.2 16.7 &lparInside) 15 forty five.six 2.21
38. forty five. forty six.2 &lparInside) 19 fifty eight.six 2.8
forty six. 53. 54.2 &lparInside) 23 71.7 3.39
54. 61. sixty two.4 &lparInside) 27 84.7 3.ninety nine
62. 69. 70.four &lparInside) 31 97.7 four.58
CL12 19.050 38. 6.ninety 45. 46.five 10.5 20. &lparInside) 19 70. 3.37
forty six. fifty three. fifty four.five &lparInside) 23 86. 4.08
fifty four. 61. sixty two.eight &lparInside) 27 102. four.seventy eight
62. sixty nine. 70.eight &lparInside) 31 117. 5.5
70. 77. seventy eight.eight &lparInside) 35 133. 6.two
CL16 25.four hundred 45. 8.ninety fifty two. 53.five 14. &lparInside) fifteen 111. 5.31
51. fifty eight. 59.five &lparInside) 17 one hundred twenty five. 6.02
fifty seven. 64. 65.five &lparInside) 19 141. six.37
sixty nine. 76.two seventy seven.7 &lparInside) 23 172. 8.fifteen
81. 88.2 &lparInside) 27 203. nine.fifty seven
93. a hundred.2 one zero &lparInside) 31 235. 10.98
CL20 31.750 fifty seven. 10.84 66.six sixty nine.6 17.five 33.four &lparInside) 19 one hundred sixty five. 8.42
69. seventy eight.six 81.six &lparInside) 23 201. 10.19
81. 90.six ninety three.six &lparInside) 27 237. 11.ninety six
93. 102.6 one zero five.six &lparInside) 31 273. thirteen.seventy three
one hundred and five.5 114.six 117.six &lparInside) 35 310. 15.5
117. 126.six 129.six &lparInside) 39 346. 17.27
CL24 38.ten 117. 12.eight 129. 131. 20.96 40.01 &lparInside) 39 415. 20.73
129. 141. 143. &lparInside) 43 458. 22.86
141. 153. a hundred and fifty five. &lparInside) 47 502. 24.99

Merchandise are made of high quality alloy steel generation. The plates are punched and squeezed bores by precision technologies. The pin, bush, roller are machined by substantial-efficiency automated equipment and automatic grinding tools, then through heat remedy of carburization, carbon and nitrogen defense mesh belt furnace, area blasting approach and so forth. Assembled precision by Inside hole position, spin riveted by stress to make sure the efficiency of the complete chain.
Why select us
1. We are the manufacture.
two. We have in close proximity to thirty several years expertise of creating chains and chain hyperlinks.
three. Our design and style team has ex10sive knowledge in the chain layout.
4. Best support and prompt shipping and delivery.
5. We offer you various types, size and shades to fulfill your prerequisite.
6. We covering a manufacturing area of 18750 square meters have more than 200 employees and we have a complete established of testing equipment to make certain our quality.

Technique Therapy
one Shot Peening 8 Quenching
two Bluing 9 Tempering
3 Phosphate ten Oiling
four Nickel-plated eleven Greasing
5 Zincing 12 Specific colour
6 Heat Treatment 13 Stain proofing
7 Carburizing 14 Pre-stretched and anti-exhaustion

Silent chain, also recognized as inverted tooth chain. It is designed to get rid of the sick results of stretching and develop a peaceful walk. As the chain is stretched and the pitch of the chain will increase, the radius that the chainrings journey over the sprocket tooth boosts slightly.
Like all of our roller chains, our single-strand roller chains are heat dipped to make certain 100% lubricated elements and heat taken care of to increase dress in resistance. Our very hot dip lubrication strategy assures that each and every one strand roller chain operates at highest capability and put on daily life for as lengthy as feasible. EP Chain proudly gives very tough one chain roller chains for your comfort. Each of our single-strand roller chains is preloaded for the duration of the manufacturing method, efficiently decreasing preliminary elongation right after you obtain your merchandise. You will find our single-strand roller chains employed in a variety of applications, this sort of as the meals sector or conveyor belts. At EP Chain, we understand that downtime can mean dropped organization and earnings. Our single-strand roller chains are the missing hyperlink your organization wants to maintain devices and daily operations managing efficiently.

China shop Middle Guide Inverted Tooth Silent Chain     Hot selling

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