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Solution Description

silent chain for glass industry 
pitch :twelve.7mm,25.4mm,  link thickness :1.5-2.2mm
utilised for food equipment , and heat treatment method equipment 


Chain pitch: refers to the length between the hinge center of one particular chain hyperlink and the hinge centre corresponding to the adjacent chain link. Sprocket Pitch Circle Diameter: The diameter of the circle the place the center of the hinge is when the chain is wrapped all around the ball. The hinge facilities of the chain and the circles drawn through these facilities are known as pitch circles, and their diameters are named pitch circle diameters.These chains are utilised to constantly elevate and express content at a pace of 2 m/s. There are two kinds of conveyor chains: Removable or hooked chains: This sort of conveyor chain is employed for electricity transmission in between conveyors of shorter lengths. Shut chain: composed of the cylinder block and connecting rod, cast and shaped, with higher power right after warmth therapy.

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