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China manufacturer 25X57 Flexible Numerical Control Bracket High Strength Silent Plastic Drag Cable Chain

Product Description

Product Description

    Material: enhanced nylon with high tension and pull-out strength, excellent flexibility, steady-going capacity in high or low temperature, it can be used outdoors.
    Resistant against; oil, salt, light acid, base.
    Max velocity and max acceleration respectively: 5m/s and 5m/s2 ( specific information may be decided by operation conditions).
    Operation life: under the condition of normal overhead use. it can reach 5 million times for reciprocating motion ( detailed life in accordance with operation conditions).


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ZheJiang Machine Tool Accessories Co., Ltd. was established on March 4, 2004. We are an 18-year-old factory. We mainly serve the European market and the Asian market. Our products are sold to 39 countries. We have 27 workers and 11 salespeople. The company has passed the ISO9001 quality system certification, and the products have passed the EU CE. With our sincere corporate culture, we are deeply loved and praised by our customers. We have our own manufacturing factory/workshop in China, and our business scope mainly includes cable carrier, chip conveyor, support arm system, bellows cover, paper tape filter and shredder.


Our Advantages

1: We can provide samples for free, Fast delivery according to your requirements.
2. We are an 18-year-old factory, which has been exported to more than 40 countries and won unanimous praise from customers.
3. We have 5 designers to provide you with online technical support.
4. We can provide you with the certificate of origin.


1. Are you a trader or a manufacturer?
We are a manufacturer, and we have our own factory in ZheJiang . Therefore, we can ensure low price and high quality products, and skilled designers and engineers customize products according to customers’ concepts/ideas. 2. Can you send us samples for testing?
Yes, a small number of samples are free, but the freight should be paid in advance or on arrival. The quality of the product you will buy will be the same as the sample.
3. What are your payment terms?
We accept most payment methods, such as T/T, sight L/C, Western Union and PayPal.
4. What about the delivery time?
It depends on your order item and quantity. Usually, after receiving the advance payment or the relevant letter of credit, within 3 days of stock goods and 7-10 days of customized products.
5. What is the mode of transportation?
For small goods orders, we can send goods by TNT, DHL or FedEx, and we have a discount. For larger orders, we will arrange shipping or air transportation according to customers’ requirements.

After-sales Service: Online
Warranty: 1year, 1year
Logo Printing: Customized, Customized
US$ 3/Meter
1 Meter(Min.Order)


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Return&refunds: You can apply for a refund up to 30 days after receipt of the products.

silent chain

What are the future trends and advancements in silent chain technology?

The future of silent chain technology is characterized by ongoing advancements aimed at improving performance, durability, and versatility. Here are some key trends and developments:

1. Material Innovations:

– Continued research and development in material science are leading to the discovery and development of new materials with enhanced properties, such as increased strength, improved wear resistance, and better corrosion resistance.

– Advanced composite materials, including carbon fiber and high-performance polymers, are being explored for their potential in silent chain applications.

2. Lubrication Systems:

– Improved lubrication systems are being developed to optimize the lubrication process and enhance the efficiency and longevity of silent chains.

– Self-lubricating chains or advanced lubricants with extended service intervals are being investigated to minimize maintenance requirements.

3. Noise Reduction:

– Efforts are being made to further reduce the noise levels associated with silent chains.

– Design modifications, such as improved tooth profiles and surface treatments, are being implemented to reduce friction and noise generation.

– Noise-dampening materials and coatings are also being explored to mitigate noise during chain operation.

4. Increased Load Capacity:

– Silent chains are being designed to handle higher loads and transmit more power.

– Advancements in material technology, manufacturing processes, and chain design allow for greater load-carrying capacity without compromising durability or performance.

5. Customization and Adaptability:

– Silent chains are becoming more customizable and adaptable to specific applications.

– Manufacturers are offering a wider range of chain sizes, configurations, and attachments to meet diverse customer requirements.

– Computer-aided design and simulation tools enable the optimization of silent chain systems for specific operational conditions and load profiles.

6. Digitalization and Monitoring:

– The integration of digital technologies, such as sensors and data analytics, is enabling real-time monitoring of chain performance and condition.

– Predictive maintenance techniques and remote monitoring systems help identify potential issues and optimize maintenance schedules, improving overall reliability and uptime.

These trends indicate a continuous focus on improving the performance, durability, and adaptability of silent chain technology to meet the evolving needs of various industries and applications.

silent chain

Can a silent chain be used in high-speed applications?

Yes, a silent chain can be used in high-speed applications. Silent chains are designed to operate at various speeds, including high speeds, while maintaining their performance and reliability.

Here are some factors to consider when using a silent chain in high-speed applications:

1. Chain Design: Silent chains are available in different designs and constructions, each with its own speed capabilities. It is important to select a silent chain that is specifically designed and rated for high-speed operation.

2. Material Selection: The materials used in the construction of the silent chain play a crucial role in its performance at high speeds. High-quality materials with excellent fatigue resistance and dimensional stability are preferred for high-speed applications.

3. Lubrication: Proper lubrication is essential for reducing friction, heat, and wear in high-speed applications. Using the appropriate lubricant and ensuring proper lubrication intervals are crucial for the silent chain’s smooth operation at high speeds.

4. Tensioning and Alignment: Accurate tensioning and alignment of the silent chain are critical for high-speed operation. Proper tensioning ensures the chain remains properly engaged with the sprockets, while alignment minimizes the risk of chain vibration or excessive wear.

5. Maintenance and Inspection: Regular maintenance and inspection are important for identifying any issues or signs of wear that could affect the silent chain’s performance at high speeds. This includes monitoring chain tension, lubrication condition, and checking for any signs of elongation, wear, or damage.

By considering these factors and following the manufacturer’s guidelines, a silent chain can be successfully used in high-speed applications. It is important to select a silent chain specifically designed for high-speed operation and ensure proper maintenance and lubrication practices to maximize performance and longevity.

silent chain

What industries commonly use silent chains?

Silent chains, also known as inverted tooth chains or silent synchronous chains, are utilized in various industries where reliable power transmission and precise motion control are required. Some of the industries that commonly use silent chains include:

1. Automotive: Silent chains are widely employed in automotive applications, such as engines and timing systems, where accurate timing, low noise, and high durability are critical.

2. Industrial Machinery: Many types of industrial machinery, including printing presses, packaging machines, and textile machinery, rely on silent chains for their power transmission needs due to their ability to handle high loads and provide precise motion control.

3. Robotics: Silent chains play a significant role in robotics, where precise movement and synchronization are essential. They are used in robotic arms, pick-and-place systems, and other robotic applications.

4. Aerospace: In the aerospace industry, silent chains are utilized in various applications, such as aircraft engines, auxiliary power units, and flight control systems, where reliable power transmission and minimal noise are crucial.

5. Food and Beverage: Silent chains find applications in the food and beverage industry, particularly in processing and packaging equipment. Their low noise operation and ability to withstand washdown conditions make them suitable for these environments.

6. Medical: Silent chains are used in medical equipment and devices that require precise motion control, such as imaging systems, laboratory automation, and surgical robots.

7. Material Handling: Silent chains are employed in material handling equipment, including conveyors, lifts, and automated storage systems, to ensure reliable power transmission and accurate positioning.

These are just a few examples, and silent chains may be found in various other industries where their unique characteristics and performance advantages are beneficial for specific applications.

China manufacturer 25X57 Flexible Numerical Control Bracket High Strength Silent Plastic Drag Cable Chain  China manufacturer 25X57 Flexible Numerical Control Bracket High Strength Silent Plastic Drag Cable Chain
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silent chain

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