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Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Products

Principle of ultrasonic plastic welding

When the ultrasonic wave functions on the thermoplastic plastic speak to area, it will generate 10s of thousands of substantial-frequency vibrations for each next. This variety of substantial-frequency vibration with a certain amplitude will transmit the ultrasonic strength to the welding area by way of the higher weldment. Because the welding area is 2 The acoustic resistance is huge at the welding interface, so regional large temperature will be produced. In addition, thanks to the inadequate thermal conductivity of the plastic, it cannot be distributed in time for a although, and it gathers in the welding location, triggering the get in touch with surface area of the 2 plastics to soften swiftly, and after a specified pressure is utilized, it merges into 1. When the ultrasonic stops, enable the pressure keep on for a number of seconds to make it solidify and shape, as a result forming a powerful molecular chain, obtaining the purpose of welding, and the welding energy can be close to the toughness of the raw material. The good quality of ultrasonic plastic welding relies upon on 3 aspects: the amplitude of the transducer’s welding head, the utilized force and the welding time. The welding time and welding head strain can be altered, and the amplitude is identified by the transducer and the horn. There is an acceptable worth for the conversation of these 3 quantities. When the vitality exceeds the appropriate value, the melting volume of the plastic is huge and the welded content is effortlessly deformed if the vitality is little, it is not simple to weld firmly and the used stress can not be too huge. The optimal force is the solution of the facet duration of the welded element and the optimal stress for every 1mm of the edge.

Welding benefits

Benefits of ultrasonic plastic welding: quickly welding pace, higher welding energy and great sealing
Replace the traditional welding/bonding method, minimal price, clean and air pollution-totally free, and will not injury the workpiece
The welding process is stable, and all welding parameters can be tracked and monitored through the software program. When a fault is located, it is straightforward to eradicate and sustain.

comp1nts for ultrasonic welding equipment

Ultrasonic welding

Thermoplastics are a welding method in which 2 plastics are welded with each other owing to the friction and warmth produced by the surface molecules under the action of ultrasonic vibration.
Notice for welding of thermoplastics:
A. The tongue and tongue design and style makes certain handy alignment during the welding cycle.
B. The welding wire is designed to be slender, but there must be ample meltable content to fuse the welding surface area. The certain layout strategy is dependent on what type of workpiece equipment is utilised for welding. Welding pressure, vibration amplitude and other parameters are adjustable to ensure that the welding head can make contact with the welding floor and utilize strain. The reduced workpiece is the pressure-receiving component and is put in the base mold CZPT moving. The welding head produces large-frequency ultrasonic waves, which can make the higher workpiece heat and vibrate, so that it can fuse with the decrease workpiece. Following the welding head stops vibrating, the strain is managed to great the melting situation. The complete welding time is mainly considerably less than 1 second.

Design FU 2571 P PTS-2000 DS three hundred DS four hundred
Frequency fifteen-35 KHZ fifteen-40 KHZ fifteen-twenty KHZ 15-forty KHZ
Electricity 1200-3200W 800-4200W 4200-6000W 800-4200W
Stress .1-1. MPA .1-1. MPA .1-1. MPA .1-1. MPA
Voltage enter AC220-240V AC220-240V AC220-240V AC220-240V
Welding route one hundred mm seventy five-100 mm a hundred mm seventy five-100 mm
Output time .01-9.ninety nine S .01-9.99 S .01-9.ninety nine S .01-9.ninety nine S
Working manner Time/floor/power/depth/
pressure method
Time / ground / ressure method Time / ground / ressure mode Time / floor / ressure method
Lifting approach Linear slide electric powered lifting system Linear slide electric powered lifting method    
Dimension 600x600x
1250 mm
1250 mm
2000 mm
1100 mm
Clever administration Amplitude/High quality/Data/Safety Administration Amplitude/Top quality/Data/Safety Management Amplitude/Quality/Info/Protection Administration Amplitude/Quality/Information/Security Administration
w8 85 KG one hundred twenty KG 350 KG a hundred KG
Generator circuit Digital clever automobile frequency tracking / Circuit consistent voltage Digital intelligent automatic frequency tracking Electronic intelligent automatic frequency monitoring Electronic clever automatic frequency monitoring
Management method Button/Exterior Manage Manner Button/External Control Method Button/External Manage Mode Button/Exterior Management Method
language Chinese/ English Chinese/ English Chinese/ English Chinese/ English
Security management password security password defense password security password defense
Operation interface 10 Inch exterior contact display screen 7 Inch external touch display 4.3Inch exterior touch display screen four.3Inch external touch display screen
Characteristic USB info export/welding file/data data USB data export/welding report/
information figures
welding report/info figures welding report/data data

Ultrasonic welding machine with touch display screen

Packing for shipment 

Why decide on bonne?

We firmly believe that we have outstanding ultrasonic welding solutions for each application.

In addition to accuracy, energy and minimal particle launch, approach verification and traceability are also essential good quality requirements. Ultrasonic welding is regarded the most ideal signing up for method.
From the preliminary thought to genuine software and improvement, to method optimization, bonne will go hand in hand with you to supply you with the very best resolution.

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China high quality 15kHz 2600W High Quality Ultrasonic Machine Convenient Operation Ultrasonic Welding Silent     wholesaler

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