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Product Description

HFP882TAB Aspect flexing Hefty Duty SuperGrip Tabletop Chain

1. Pitch: 38.1mm
two. Pin materials: Stainless steel
three. Optimum conveyor duration: twelve meters
4. Course: Side flexing
five. Very good high quality and factory price

The plastic tabletop chain is produced of engineering plastic and is connected employing stainless metal pins. It constitutes a mild-bodyweight however powerful and silent alternative to steel chains.

It is largely applied in foodstuff and packaging business for conveying several sorts of containers. For illustration: PET bottle, PET petaloid bottle, Aluminium and steel can, Cartons, Trays, Packaged products, Glass, Plastic containers.

one. Precision of molding approach guarantees ideal flatness
two. High put on resistace and reduced friction
3. Large working load

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Chain kind Plate width Supergrip width  Weight   Sideflex radius(min.) Functioning load(max) Backflex radius (min.) Plate thickness
 mm   mm   kg/m    mm    N   mm  
HFP882TAB-k750  190.five    132  2.43   610 3830  40   4.8
HFP882TAB-k1000   254.    195  2.87
HFP882TAB-k1200  304.8     246  3.41

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China Free Design Custom Hfp882tab Side Flexing Heavy Duty Supergrip Tabletop Chain     Great quality