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Merchandise Description

technical specs The internal diameter Outer diameter The radius of
JH7 7*7 10*twelve.5 15     28
JH10 10*10 thirteen.5*thirteen.five 18
JH10 ten*20 fifteen.5*28 18      28
JH15 fifteen*fifteen 20*25 28
JH15 15*50 20*sixty 28       48
JH18 18*twenty five 23*35 38 48 seventy five
JH18 eighteen*18 24*30 28 38 48
JH20 twenty*sixty 35*seventy seven fifty five seventy five a hundred
JH20 twenty*one hundred twenty five 35*142 fifty five 75 100
JH25 twenty five*25 35*38 40 fifty five seventy five a hundred
JH25 25*100 40*115 fifty five seventy five
JH30 30*50 forty five*70  
JH30 30*103 forty five*123  
JH35 35*50 55*75  
JH35 35*one hundred fifty 55*one hundred seventy five  
JH45 45*seventy five 65*102 seventy five
JH45 45*a hundred thirty 65*157 250
JH55 55*50 75*eighty 75
JH55 fifty five*one hundred fifty 75*one hundred eighty a hundred
JH65 sixty five*60 85*ninety two a hundred twenty five
JH65 sixty five*117 eighty five*149 300
JH80 eighty*100 106*a hundred forty five  
JH80 80*a hundred seventy five 106*220  
JH80 80*350 106*395  


The above is only component of the design, not all, for reference only.


Silent chain, also recognized as inverted tooth chain. It is designed to eliminate the sick outcomes of stretching and create a quiet walk. As the chain is stretched and the pitch of the chain will increase, the radius that the chainrings vacation in excess of the sprocket teeth will increase a bit.

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