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China factory ISO Lh ANSI Bl Leaf-Chain for Sky Stacker Forklift Truck Car Parking Hoisting Machinery Good quality

Solution Description

Chain No.

Chain No.

Plate lacing Plate depth


Plate thickness


Pin diameter


Pin length


Tensile energy


Average 10sile energy
W8 for each meter
LH2571 BL1571






25.37 one hundred fifteen.6/26272 165.8 three.fifty seven
LH2571 BL1571 2X3 30.33 one hundred fifteen.6/26272 a hundred sixty five.8 4.forty five
LH2034 BL1034 3X4 40.23 182.4/41454 six.19
LH2044 BL1044 4X4 forty five.19 231.3/52568 303.6 7.04
LH2046 BL1046 4X6 fifty five.09 231.3/52568 303.6 8.77
LH2066 BL1066 6X6 65.00 347./78863 433.7 10.50
LH2088 BL1088 8X8 84.eighty one 462.6/15716 604.1 fourteen.00
LH2422 BL1222





twelve.seventy one

29.sixty two 151.2/34363 192. 4.ninety six
LH2423 BL1223 2X3 35.43 151.2/34363 192. 6.16
LH2434 BL1234 3X4 47.07 244.6/55591 315.nine eight.fifty five
LH2444 BL1244 4X4 fifty two.88 302.5/68750 9.76
LH2446 BL1246 4X6 64.52 302.5/68750 381.1 12.16
LH2466 BL1266 6X6 seventy six.15 453.7/15713 543.6 fourteen.sixty one
LH2488 BL1288 8X8 99.forty two 605./137500 726. 19.36
LH2822 BL1422

forty four.45





33.fifty five 191.3/43477 six.89
LH2823 BL1423 2X3 forty.sixteen 191.3/43477 225.7 8.fifty five
LH2834 BL1434 3X4 fifty three.37 315.8/71772 448.3 11.61
LH2844 BL1444 4X4 fifty nine.97 382.6/86954 451.2 13.24
LH2846 BL1446 4X6 seventy three.eighteen 382.6/86954 451.2 16.51
LH2866 BL1466 6X6 86.39 578.3/131431 682.4 19.79
LH2888 BL1488 8X8 112.eighty 765.1/173886 902.eight 26.35
LH3222 BL1622



forty eight.26



39.01 289.1/65704 341.1 8.seventy eight
LH3223 BL1623 2X3 46.fifty eight 289.1/65704 10.ninety
LH3234 BL1634 3X4 61.seventy two 440.4/100091 519.6 15.15
LH3244 BL1644 4X4 sixty nine.29 573.8/131431 680.four 17.27
LH3246 BL1646 4X6 84.forty three 578.3/131431 680.four 21.fifty three
LH3266 BL1666 6X6 ninety nine.57 857.4/194863 one 25.88
LH3288 BL1688 8X8 129.84 1156.5/262841 1364.6 34.29
LH4571 BL2571

sixty three.fifty



9.ninety one

23.eighty one

51.seventy four 433.7/98568 15.95
LH4571 BL2571 2X3 61.70 433.7/98568 19.seventy eight
LH4034 BL2034 3X4 81.61 649.4/147590 766.2 27.46
LH4044 BL2044 4X4 91.57 867.4/197163 1571.five 31.34
LH4046 BL2046 4X6 111.forty eight 867.4/197163 1571.5 39.01
LH4066 BL2066 6X6 131.39 1301.1/295704 1535.two forty six.63
LH4088 BL2088 8X8 171.22 1734.8/394272 2046.5 62.00

* We have 2 kinds of chain plate thickness. Besides the 7.20mm in above table, the other thickness is 7.52 mm.Customers can choose according
 to needs

Leaf Chain

Leaf chains are acknowledged for their toughness and high 10sile energy. They are largely utilized in lift unit purposes this sort of as forklifts, elevate vehicles, and elevate masts. These difficult doing work chains take care of the lifting and balancing of weighty hundreds with the use of sheaves instead of sprockets for advice. One of the principal distinctions with leaf chain in comparison to roller chain is that it only is composed of a series of stacked plates and pins, supplying superior lifting energy.

Leaf Chains and Power

Leaf chains are CZPT with engineers for their power in supplies handling, this kind of as with forklifts, lift vehicles, carry masts, straddle carriers, and other significant performs of civil engineering. Their prolonged support life, large fatigue energy and maximum put on resistance make them the excellent resolution for lengthy-time period projects that need to be equally trustworthy and extremely powerful. The compact design and style of leaf chains allows them to suit effectively inside of a selection of methods. The essential areas of a leaf chain include:

Link Plates: Near control of the plate dimensions makes it possible for for high tiredness energy and long support daily life.
Pins: The pins go through the plates and are subject matter to shearing forces, although the plates articulate on the pins through rotation more than the sheave.

Leaf Chain AL Series or Leaf Chain BL Series

The American Countrywide Specifications Institute (ANSI) establishes consensus requirements for a vast variety of products and procedures in the U.S. that are also adopted throughout the world. This regulatory body gives the chain sector with details close to dimension and strength that govern the CZPT of different sorts of chains, such as leaf chains and roller chains. Whilst these specifications do not of10 modify, AL Collection was removed from ANSI Common in 1975. The CZPT version of the common is BL Collection, which replaced the AL Series. AL and BL Series are dimensionally distinct. BL Series has a increased 10sile power than AL Sequence and is much more generally employed these days. Nonetheless, more mature equipment could still use the AL Sequence of leaf chain, which is nonetheless provided by HangZhou Star Machine Engineering Co., Ltd. in a range of diverse sizes.

Leaf chains are developed of interlaced plates held jointly by rivet pins. They are developed with the identical high diploma of precision as our roller chains. HKK Leaf chains are used for purposes that call for powerful flexible linkage for transmitting movement or carry. Specially picked steel and CZPT heat treatment method assures large power and toughness. The very first amount or quantities in leaf chains identifies the chain pitch, the previous 2 figures recognize the chain’s lacing. New apps should use BL series leaf chains.

When you need a leaf chain to preserve your undertaking in stability, get in touch with the knowledgeable professionals at HangZhou Star Machine Technologies Co., Ltd. If you are not confident just what sort or measurement of chain that you need, we have a long time of knowledge functioning with clients to offer the ideal chain or sprocket to keep you transferring.  We have a entire line of Leaf AL Collection Chains as properly as Leaf BL Series Chains.



For Programs That Essential Sturdy Versatile Linkage Perfect for Lifting Purposes Specially Chosen Metal CZPT Warmth Treatment Process.
Leaf Chain is the most easy of metal chains, consisting only of hyperlink plates and pins. This chain typically has better 10sile toughness than roller chains and runs in excess of sheaves instead than sprockets. They are ideal for hanging, balancing or motion transmitting programs. Leaf chains are of10 utilized as counterw8 chains for machine instruments, elevator and oven doorways, fork raise truck masts, spinning frames and related lifting or balancing apps.

Plates are linked by pins and hold the 10sion loaded on the chain.

AL Sort

Plate configuration and thickness are the exact same as ANSI G8 roller chain. Pin diameter is nearly the very same as ANSI G8 roller chain.

BL Type

BL Collection leaf chains consist of link plates which are thicker and more substantial in contour than the AL Collection hyperlink plates of the exact same pitch. The url plates have the very same thickness as the url plates of the next bigger pitch dimensions in ANSI G8 roller chains. The pins have the exact same diameter as individuals of ANSI G8 roller chains of the up coming greater pitch.


WHY Pick US 

1. Dependable High quality Assurance System
2. Chopping-Edge Computer-Managed CNC Devices
3. Bespoke Remedies from Extremely Knowledgeable Professionals
four. Customization and OEM Accessible for Particular Software
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six. Properly-Designed Around the world Marketing and advertising Ne2rk
seven. Successful Soon after-Sale Support System


The 219 sets of advanced automated creation products give ensures for higher merchandise good quality. The 167 engineers and technicians with senior specialist titles can style and build items to fulfill the actual requires of consumers, and OEM customizations are also offered with us. Our audio world-wide services ne2rk can offer clients with well timed right after-income complex providers.

We are not just a company and provider, but also an industry consultant. We work pro-actively with you to offer you professional tips and item suggestions in buy to end up with a most expense efficient product obtainable for your specific software. The customers we provide globally assortment from end users to distributors and OEMs. Our OEM replacements can be substituted wherever needed and ideal for equally repair and new assemblies.



Listed here are some positive aspects of chain drives over belt and equipment drives: They can be utilised for lengthy and quick distances. Several axles, are driven by chains. They are compact and have a tiny general size, so even in the event of a fireplace, you will not experience any bad troubles. Temperature and ambient conditions do not affect its procedure. Chain drives do not demand preliminary tension. They are quite efficient (up to ninety six%) and have no slip and creep in the course of transmission, ensuring a excellent gear ratio. Chain travel, easy to put in. Chain drives are low routine maintenance, face up to abrasive situations and work in soaked problems
Discover the roller chain at EP, which has a wider waist plate to assist have heavier loads on conveyor belts, wire rod equipment, printing presses and several other industrial apps. Roller chains are totally interchangeable and pre-lubricated to help lessen elongation. Decide on single or riveted chains with zinc and aluminum coatings to support avert rust and chemical corrosion.

China factory ISO Lh ANSI Bl Leaf-Chain for Sky Stacker Forklift Truck Car Parking Hoisting Machinery     Good quality

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