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Automatic 5 Gallon Bottle Water Filling Machine

Computerized five Gallon Bottle Water Filling Device

CZPT’s 5 Gallon Washing Filling Capping Machine are specifically designed for necessity of the 5 gallon bottled h2o plant with center output capability from 100BPH to 1200BPH 

Fantastic Characteristics of Automated five Gallon Bottle Drinking water Filling Machine: 
1. Total-automated PLC control, total-computerized operating, filling stage & filling time adjustable
2. Foodstuff Course 304 or 316L stainless steel make contact with parts
three. All 304 stainless steel building, fibre glass window
4. Cylinder-pushed bottle, up-down filling nozzle filling ( cylinder management ), supper higher precision
five. Computerized chain-push capping technique, make the capping method much more effortlessly, no caps missing
6. No bottle no washing, no bottles no filling, no bottle no capping

Parameters of 5 Gallon water filling plant: 

Model WFC-one hundred WFC-one hundred twenty WFC-240 WFC-300  WFC-450  WFC-600
Filling Mouth  1  1  2  2  4  4
Barrel Size(mm)  Φ276×490  Φ276×490  Φ276×490  Φ276×490  Φ276×490  Φ276×490
Ability(Barrel/Hour)  80-a hundred  120  240  300  450  600
Gas pressure  0.4-.6Mpa  0.4-.6Mpa  0.four-.6Mpa  0.4-.6Mpa  0.four-.6Mpa  0.four-.6Mpa
Gas Consumption  0.six  0.six  0.8  0.nine  1.8  2.5
Electricity(Kw)  1.38  1.seventy five  3.  3.8  6
Rated Voltage  380V/50HZ  380V/50HZ  380V/50HZ  380V/50HZ  380V/50HZ  380V/50HZ
Dimension(mm)  3100×650×1550  3100×650×1550   3100×900×1650   3100×900×1650   3550×1100×1800   3800×1100×1800
Weight(Kg)  680  800  800  1000  1600  2300
Quantity(L)  18.9  18.nine  18.nine  18.9  18.9

Total Line Stream Chart

Vacant bottle CZPT belt—→Caps Decapper—→ Brush Exterior Bottle Washer —→Automatic Bottle Loading Method—→Internal Bottle Washer/ Disinfecter —→ Rotary Filler —→ Chain Plate Capper with caps washer—→Filled Bottle CZPT Belt—→Lamp Checker—→Insert the caps label Sleeve Labeling Equipment—→Heat Shrinking Device—→Chain Style Bottle CZPTr ( for the function to put on the plastic film go over) —→Filled Bottles CZPT Belt to the truck or stock space.

Photos of five Gallon drinking water filling plant:

Automatic 5 Gallon Bottle Water Filling Machine