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Auto Tape Edge Mattress Making Machine

WB-3A Mattress Tape Edge Machine (WB-3A)

WB-3A Mattress Tape Edge Equipment is mostly used for taping edge of mattress panel and delicate cushion. It adopts advanced Servo motor travel program, large efficiency, simple work and secure efficiency. It is the ideal products for production mattress enterprises.

CZPT Characteristics:

one. It adopts advanced 300U chain stitch high-velocity stitching head
2. CZPT carry functioning table, guide adjustable stitching head
three. CZPT, sliding guidebook move adopt variable frequency stepless speed regulation, velocity auto slowdown at corner
4. The stitches are straight, even and lovely
five. Rustless steel desk
six. Stands set the level adjustment unit
seven. Built-rotating electrical electrical power provide, no specific need for installing area
8. Stable efficiency, minimal vibration and sounds.

CZPT Specification:

Product WB-3A
Efficiency 16-18  pcs/HOUR
Speed  auto  slowdown  at  corner Yes
CZPT  head 300U  Chain  stitch
Working  angle  of  the  sewing  head 35-fifty five
CZPT  thickness  range  of  mattress 50-300mm,   150-400mm,   250-500mm
Lifting  of  working  table electric powered
Table  Lifting  range -150mm
Carriage  speed  (m/min) 5.five-16
Size  of  the  work  table normal:   1400*1950mm (optional:   1550*2050mm1800*1950mm)
CZPT  head  speed  (r/min) 1100  ~  3000
Motor  type Servo  motor
Total  power 1.38kw
Power  Supply 380/220V,   50/60HZ,   3-Stage
Dimensions 2380*1400*1650mm
Machine  weight 680KG

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Auto Tape Edge Mattress Making Machine