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Single Sprocket Tapered Sleeve Conveyor Roller for Conveyor

CZPT Medium Responsibility Stainless Metal Gravity Roller CZPT

Product  Description:

one. As the normal item in the gravity rolller collection, it  is extensively applied,  specifically in the carton conveyring spot. e.g airport luggage handling and logistics distribution middle.

2. Precesion ball bearing polymer bearing housing , end cap kind the bearing unit which is really crucial . It is not only for excellent looding but also even more more the smooth and tranquil operating.

three. The finish cap of roller resist dust and water splash effectively in operation environment.

four. The layout of pwlymer bearing housing tends to make it ready to work in some special atmosphere.

5. The lubrication strategy of bearing could be oil lubricating or grease lubricating as prerequisite

6. Suitable  for the substantial pace conveying. Pace could fluctuate in accordance to diameter and length of roller,  Max.pace up to 120m/min.

seven. Semi-precision bearing for choice, smooth working, be utilised for gravity roller conveyor in low pace(<30m/min)

8. Temperatue assortment: to +40ºC

Remark:can be CZPT



Single Sprocket Tapered Sleeve Conveyor Roller for Conveyor