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4*4mm PTFE Fiberglass Mesh

PTFE fiberglass mesh Functions&colon

1&period of time Large temperature resistance&colon It can continually perform beneath -140oC to 260oC&comma max resist hightemperature to 360oC&period

two&period of time Permeability&colon It can steer clear of squandering warmth and improve drying efficiency for its permeability&period of time

three&time period Chemical resistance&colon It can resist all most of chemical medicines&time period

4&interval Non adhere&colon It can easily get rid of all types of adhesives these kinds of as resin paint and chemical medication&comma straightforward to clean&period

five&interval Good flex fatigue resistance&colon It has large tensile strength and exceptional flex fatigue resistance&period of time It really is greater for little wheels&period of time


1&period Drying device for non-woven textile&comma textile printing&comma silk-printing and dyeing machine&period of time

2&period Shrinking equipment for garment cloth&comma higher-frequency and UV dryer&period of time

3&interval Conveyer belt for very hot-air dryer&comma various of foods baking&comma rapid-frozen equipment&period

4&period Oiling device for paper glazing and waxing&comma plant engineering&interval

5&period Seperating sheet for hardboard generation etc&time period

Product No Mesh Dimensions Material Thickness   Fat   Resistance   Max Width   Tensile Strength
  6001 1x1mm fiberglass   .5mm   390g/m²   -70-260° C   4000mm   1600/1500N/5cm
  6002 2x2mm fiberglass   .7mm   450g/m²   -70-260° C   4000mm   2200/1500N/5cm 
  6003 4x4mm fiberglass   1.0mm   500g/m²     -70-260° C   4000mm   2100/1500N/5cm
  6004 4x4mm fiberglass    one.0mm   480g/m²     -70-260° C   4000mm   2100/1500N/5cm
  6007 4x4mm fiberglass+kevlar   1.2mm   560g/m²     -70-260° C   4000mm   3300/2800N/5cm
  6008 4x4mm fiberglass   1.0mm   570g/m²     -70-260° C   4000mm   2800/1580N/5cm
  6571 4x4mm kevlar   one.0mm   460g/m²     -70-260° C   4000mm   3500/3300N/5cm
  6012 4x4mm fiberglass   1.0mm   580g/m²     -70-260° C   4000mm   2800/1500N/5cm
  6013 10x10mm fiberglass   1.0mm   450g/m²     -70-260° C   4000mm   1100/1000N/5cm
  6014 .5x1mm fiberglass   .5mm   420g/m²     -70-260° C   4000mm   2200/1500N/5cm
  6015 2×2.5mm fiberglass   .9mm   470g/m²     -70-260° C   3000mm   2200/1500N/5cm


4*4mm PTFE Fiberglass Mesh