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food spiral conveyor belt for food cooling industry

The spiral mesh belt is usually applied to the frozen food industry, is one of the essential parts of frozen machine, imported computer network production machine with a net surface, tough and durable, not easy to deformation, the biggest feature is the turning performance is good, can achieve level 360 degree turn, and stable operation, can according to user requirements without wires or in the network with both sides with ribs.

Spiral mesh belt is designed for the food industry, but it is also very suitable for the application of left turn and right turn.

Spiral net belt used in flour products of fermentation, cooling and frozen and frozen fish sticks of many products from Pisa to. Soft flour products usually need a net support bar and other products may be more applicable to the helix axis or spiral wall network. Net belt can install reinforcing steel sheet, the edge baffle or transverse baffle.

There are many versions of the spiral network can be selected, as follows:

Pitch: 19.05mm, 25.4mm, 27.25mm, 27.4mm, 30mm, 31.75mm,

With or without wire mesh

Different rotation radius: the radius of rotation x =1.7 net width, the rotation radius x =2.2 net width, the rotation radius x =1.1 net width

Materials: 304 and 316 stainless steel

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