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The annealing furnace mesh belt

We began to study the production of annealing furnace mesh belt from 1982, for the production of electric furnace, annealing furnace, hot furnace, oven, baking furnace, tunnel furnace, heat treatment furnace, drying furnace, tunnel furnace mesh belt, transmission manufacturers supporting the annealing furnace mesh belt conveyor bottle machine, and glass factory glass products, ceramic ware factory, factory perennial supporting annealing furnace mesh belt, many years of production experience to make our products not only fast delivery, the most important is exquisite, durable, no deviation, long service life.

The annealing furnace mesh belt is used to transport the use of wire woven belt is composed of wire and wire woven. Suitable for glass annealing, baking, hot melt, tempered tunnel kiln. Can also be used in ceramic tunnel kiln and various Kaohua transmission line can be designed according to customer demand for customized production. Specifications crank type, straight shaft type, diamond, double helix type, flat wire. A3 low carbon steel material, 45# steel, ICr13 steel, 1CR17, ICr18Ni9Ti, 2520.

The annealing furnace mesh belt (Qu Zhouxing) on the metal wire mesh with a variety of advantages, because the string of bending deeper with the position of each spiral coil stability correctly, thus minimizing the network with the variant and extension.Annealing furnace mesh belt to adapt to the environment of high temperature corrosion-resistant, has a smooth surface, parallel, heat resistant high strength, strong corrosion resistance, high tensile strength, low elongation, uniform pitch, fast heat cycle, energy saving, long service life and performance characteristics such as tensile strength, durable durable, widely used in glass furnaces. The annealing furnace, annealing furnace glassware, special equipment, high temperature heat treatment.

规格Specification   (MM)    

SBW-8.5-30-4.0-6.0                     SBW-8.2-12.4-2.8-3.5

SBW-7.5-26-3.2-4.0                     SBW-10-13-2.2-2.5

SBW-6.0-20-2.6-3.2                     SBW-10-13-2.5-3.0

SBW-4.2-15-2.0-2.6                     SBW-12.5-14-2.8-3.0

SBW-3.4-14-1.4-2.0                     SBW-13.4-14-2.2-2.5

SBW-3.0-12-1.4-1.8                     SBW-13.4-16.5-3.2-3.5



SBW-6.6-13-2.5-2.8                     SBW-12.5-18.9-2.5-3.0

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