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The Great Wall mesh belt

The Great Wall belt shaped like China the Great Wall, also known as horseshoe chain, plate mesh belt, metal mesh belt, towing; mesh belt is a flat metal sheet and composed of round wire mesh, mesh belt light weight, large gap, smooth surface, smooth operation, high machining accuracy, without deviation, load and the ability of anti tensile strength, long service life. The string of bending deeper with the location of each spiral coil is positioned correctly, thus minimizing the variant network chain and extension.

The Great Wall belt can do the washing, drying, cooling, conveying line heat treatment, food bread line, the spiral tower in the frozen machinery conveying, spraying, commonly used cleaning machinery and heavy transport machinery; widely used in industrial machinery, sterilization machine, silk printing and dyeing, food, pharmaceutical, power generation, automatic line garment processing industries such as transportation. Mainly used in food grains roasted seafood, cleaning and sterilization, cleaning and drying of hardware products, packaging and transportation equipment and other industries.

The material of the Great Wall mesh belt:A3 low carbon steel, 45# steel, 1Cr13 steel, stainless steel, 304 stainless steel, 1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel, 0Cr18Ni14NO2CU2 heat resistant acid resistant steel.

The Great Wall network tape is a kind of friction drive for continuous material transport machinery, it can be applied, the material in the transmission line, from the initial feed point to the final discharge point between the formation of a material delivery process. It can carry out the delivery of granular materials, can also be carried into the delivery item. In addition to the pure material handling, but also can be compatible with the process of the production processes of various industrial enterprises in the requirements of the formation of the rhythmic flow transport line. Various industrial enterprises so the Great Wall network widely used in modern, is the essential accessories industry automation equipment and modern automated assembly line.1initpintu_副本.jpg4initpintu_副本.jpg

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