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Lengthened pin chain is the original chain pin shaft is lengthened

Lengthened pin chain is the original chain pin shaft is lengthened, the spacing between the extended length and a pin shaft is customized, can lengthen unilateral, extended bilateral, lengthened pin shafts on drilling, every day lengthened. We do lengthened pin shaft chain has a B series lengthened pin shaft chain and double straight roller pitch conveyor chain. Lengthened pin shafts are used to fix other accessories.
Type of long pin shaft chain
1, AB series of long pin shaft chain, for example: 12.7 mm 08B 08A extension of the chain length of 30 mm mm unilateral extension of the 3 section of a long pin shaft 30 yuan / M
2, double pitch lengthened pin chain. For example: pitch lengthened pin chain of 76.2 mm, 20 mm long 155 yuan / M
Order extended pin shaft chain customer must provide data information
1, the length of the chain link
2, lengthening the length of the chain length of the pin shaft
3, the distance between the length of the pin
4, the length of the chain length of the extension pin
Ningjin Rongda Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. extended chain sales of the first, we have the advantage of others:
The first: various specifications A, B series of short pitch precision roller chain, double pitch straight chain can be made longer pin chain.
Second: the price is low. We produce the extension of the chain are their own processing and manufacturing costs are low, do not need middlemen.
Third: short duration, three days to complete.
Fourth: attentive service.
Fifth: we are the Development Zone, the transportation logistics express and so on convenience.
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