RongDa Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd was founded in 1982. The specialty is engaged in the glass machinery 、metal conveyor belt、shear blade、silent chain、mold lubricant development production.
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silent chain all link for glass industry Encryption tooth chain

silent chain all link

Encryption tooth chain

All Link silent chain
All Link chains are manufactured from 100% links to provide the maximum working surface and provide the smoothest handling of the glass containers.
The individual link plates are positioned to give the minimum space between each link plate,the result being a Chain which gives maximum stability and is suitable for use with very small or unstable glassware .An additional advantage Link and Spacer assembly ,will give the user considerably less elongation at higher conveyor speeds due to the fact there are 100% more points of contact on the driving pins

I plant also generates toothed chain belt washer with protective cap, tooth tooth chain, steel belt, stainless steel toothed belt, flat belt shaped teeth (no sharp teeth shaped belt), single shaft flat shaft tooth chain, double toothed chain, composite oriented multi guide silent tooth chain, extended pitch 25.4 mm tooth chain, inner guide tooth chain, the outer guide tooth chain, smooth silent toothed chain belt.
Some of our customers in glass factory for the production of special requirements to the chain of our custom special type. We also welcome the customer demand. In order to achieve a smooth grinding chain chain shows that we can at the top of the chain, both sides of the bottom or two to reach the customer required size.
Stainless steel silent tooth belt, most mentioned chain can use stainless steel materials. For example, the use of 316 stainless steel hinge pins, with wear-resistant, anti rust material can be hardened. Matched with stainless steel chain gear, can take up to 650 degrees under the operation. Application software usually includes food processing, cleaning, chemical and pharmaceutical industry. If necessary, some chain can all use 316 stainless steel structure.
In order to achieve the purpose of guiding and side friction free, rigid material will cover all side chain side chain protection, on the side guide flush, even if the pin head wear will not have an impact on the chain. This is one of the advantages for ordinary chain.   

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